MetaBOX 145 (496 x 296 x 145 mm), Metabo




metaBOX 145, suitable for BS LTX / SB LTX, 18V
Case volume 14,1 l
Max. load cover 125 kg
Weight 1.99 kg
Material ABS

Intelligent transport and storage system for mobile working
Extremely robust and break-proof due to the material and design for maximum resilience
Optimum protection of machine and accessories against dirt and moisture (IP43)
Fast and easy stacking and coupling of the boxes in all system widths
One box in the stack can easily be opened without having to decouple it
A selection of two: Comfortable front handle for carrying the box near you and extra-wide cover handle to carry several stacked-up boxes
Numerous tailor-made inserts (accessories) for individual order inside the box
Clever accessories: Roller board and trolley for maximum mobility as well as an adapter plate to secure the boxes in the vehicle