Karsta gaisa fēnsHGE 23-650 LCD, MetaBOX145, Metabo




Comparative technical values:
Air volume 150 / 500 l/min
Air temperature 80 – 650 °C
Weight (without power cable) 700 g
Cable lenght 4m

Precise hot air gun with LCD display for precise setting of temperature and air volume for different materials and applications
Settings programmable to be retrieved for frequently recurring applications
High-quality ceramic heating, powerful motor and optimum device cooling for long service life
Wide range of uses: removal of varnish, shaping, crimping, welding and much more
LCD temperature display for material-matched working
Ergonomic design and handle with non-slip soft-grip surface provides convenient handling
Safe stationary application due to large non-slip floor space

Scope of delivery
Wide jet nozzle (50 mm), Wrap around nozzle, Reducing nozzle (9 mm), metaBOX 145